Friday, February 02, 2007

Yes, But Can Your Surface Do This?

This is absolutely the coolest application of a tangible user interface (TUI) that I have seen thus far. Also one of the coolest modular synthesizers I've seen for that matter. Here's the reactable:

An image recognition module was employed in the development of this instrument, which is used to capture interactions with the translucent table surface using input from a video camera. The framework then communicates those interactions using a proprietary format through a UDP port. A client application (running locally or remotely on another computer) consumes these messages and update the UI accordingly by projecting provide feedback to the user back onto the table surface.

For some it will be a cool toy to kill time with. I have also seen that Björk and a few other musicians are incorporating this into their work. I am definitely inspired.

The makers have also graciously provided the vision engine software used in the reactable as an open-source. This allows developers to harness the same power and create their own TUI for whatever use they can imagine.

That means, get inspired and keep the innovations coming!